I’m an American painter printmaker, living in Suffolk. I draw most days and use my drawings to work in other media, thinking about light, colour, mood and time. I am drawn to pattern.

I grew up in New York City and my mum was a textile artist/collector; drawing the still life has been something I have always done . I get very excited when I put things together and the colour, pattern and form speak to each other. Then I can’t help but record it, sharing my joy in the everyday.

I have a degree in painting and drawing from Stanford University where I studied with some of the Bay Area painters.  They taught me to forget everything I know each time I pick up a drawing tool or brush.  I show locally, in America, and have shown repeatedly at the Mall Galleries’ open exhibitions.  In 2017, as NEAC drawing scholar, I learned the technique of egg tempera with Ruth Stage, one of the NEAC members, and love the quality of light it creates..